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Living Proof of Life by Design in Canada’s most Passionate & Powerful Coaching Couple

Our history

Sonia and Ron first crossed paths several years ago, and shared the idea of a life by design, finding it both ambitious and exciting. They set out to design their life together as something of purpose, not circumstance, and have found great love, joy, success, and happiness in what they have created.

Coming from incredibly diverse backgrounds, they crafted a set of initial goals, committed those goals to a vision board, and have since not only manifested most every element, but far surpassed both their hopes and expectations.

They teach the use of vision boards to all of their coaching clients, and this method of focus, direction, and intention has worked powerfully with all.

Sonia and Ron are adamant that anyone can design their ideal life and work toward it, no matter what their situation, age, or past experience, and they are living proof!

Our Achievements

Canada’s top choice in personal transformation and development, WeCoachU’s Sonia Landry and Ron Davies together bring an unmatched combination of academic skill, real-life experience, and genuine passion to all that they do. Combined with a personal network that’s the who’s who of the international development space, WeCoachU continues to be the top choice in premium coaching for life, love, and business.

Sonia, a Certified Professional Coach, has a rapidly growing list of rabid advocates of her intuitive, compassionate and deliberate method of helping others achieve what seem at first to be unreachable goals. Her own life is a testament to what can be accomplished, and she has as her inner circle some of the most remarkable personalities and successes the world over.

An Impact 100 Award recipient, Ron was recognized as one of the 100 most influential marketing minds in the world. He holds an MBA and has experienced the ups and downs in businesses and organizations of every size and type. He has numerous successful start-ups of his own, the most recent of which he is taking public, and the first business of its kind. He is a decorated military veteran, and has spoken on all things business in dozens of countries and countless events. He is literally the coach’s coach to some of the top performers in the USA, UK, and of course, Canada.

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